Friday, March 16, 2018

Introducing our Sweet Sixteen!

We've tallied your votes--thank you to everyone who voted to help choose our Sweet Sixteen of free quilt patterns. 

Drumroll, please....

Our bracket consists of the top sixteen vote getters. 
What a good looking group! 

Check out all sixteen quilts below; you can use the links to download the free quilt patterns. 
Voting starts on Monday!
"Sleight of Hand" by Modern Quilt Studio featuring Dot Crazy

"Sunset Eclipse" by Heidi Pridemore featuring Patio Splash

"Rainbow Taffy" by Christa Watson featuring Modern Marks

"Cool Cats" by Ann Lauer featuring Cat-I-Tude

"Skating Rink" by Amanda Murphy featuring Winter Games

"Blue Shimmer" by Benartex Studio featuring Bali Blue Notes

"Wonderwall" by Benartex Studio featuring Wonderlust

"Hidden ShooFly" by Rose Ann Cook featuring Modern Antiques

"Tranquil" by Amy Friend featuring Improv

"Hidden Temple" by Benartex Studio featuring Bali Desert Valley

"Folktale" by Amanda Murphy featuring Folk Art Fantasy

"Color Sweep" by Tailormade by Design
featuring Color Flow by Caryl Breyer Fallert Gentry

"Meadow Paths" by Amanda Murphy featuring Meadow Dance

"Violette" by Shelley Cavanna featuring Gloaming

"Rose Colored Glasses" by Benartex Studio featuring Bali Roses & Lilacs

"Little Ray of Sunshine" by Benartex Studio featuring Sunburst

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

March Madness Giveaway!

Voting for the nomination round of our March Madness Fan Favorite Pattern is still open, so if you haven't picked your favorite three, click here to vote. 

But we also wanted to share this giveaway opportunity with you--imagine what you could make with these gorgeous blue precut strips! 

The One Million Pillowcase Challenge March Pillowcase Madness competition is heating up and we’re giving away a cool prize! 

Check back daily through the end of the month for a new prize each day. Enter for our prize here, today only.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

March Madness 2018! Nominate your favorite free pattern!

It wouldn't be March without a little bracket fun! Whether you're a basketball fan or not, you can still be part of the March Madness fun with a quilty twist. 
That's right! Our bracket will be packed with the most popular free quilt patterns featuring current fabric collections from our website. You can help choose which ones compete.

Use your vote to help your favorite pattern(s) win and advance through the bracket.

Our in-house Selection Committee has chosen 50 free quilt patterns from our website, featuring Benartex, Contempo Studio and Kanvas fabric collections. Now it's your turn. Help us to narrow these 50 patterns down to 16 to get our bracket started. (And use the links to download your favorite patterns so you can add them to your to-do list!)

Here's how it works:

  • Look through the quilt patterns featured below and leave a comment listing your favorite three. Please make sure you are listing your votes by pattern name, not fabric collection name. We've also included links to each pattern so you can download your favorites.
  • The same 50 patterns are featured on our "Sew Interesting" Group Facebook page, so you may also vote for your three favorites there if you choose (find details on Facebook voting on those pages). 
  • Please vote only once per venue (one comment with your three favorites here on the blog and once on our Sew Interesting page).
  • The voting is open through Friday, March 16th at 9:30 am EDT.At that point the voting is closed and we'll tally the results and post later on Friday with the official 2018 Fan Favorite Quilt Bracket, dates and details. 
Voting is now closed! Watch for our Sweet Sixteen announcement. 

Here are the nominated quilt patterns:

"Rose Colored Glasses" by Benartex Studio featuring Bali Roses & Lilacs

"Blue Shimmer" by Benartex Studio featuring Bali Blue Notes

"Color Sweep" by Tailormade by Design
featuring Color Flow by Caryl Breyer Fallert Gentry

"Cool Cats" by Ann Lauer featuring Cat-I-Tude

"Dark Plains" by Benartex Studio featuring Bali Stone Quarry

"Garden of Prayer" by Heidi Pridemore
featuring Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light

"Golden Hour" by Benartex Studio featuring Bali Sunset Valley

"Hidden ShooFly" by Rose Ann Cook featuring Modern Antiques

"Hidden Temple" by Benartex Studio featuring Bali Desert Valley

"Home Is Where the Heart Is" by Eleanor Burns
featuring Homestead: Colonial and Homestead: Country

"Mother Nature's Garden" by Jackie Robinson featuring A Wildflower Meadow

"Mountain Creek" by Benartex Studio featuring Meadow Song

"Mountain Waterfall" by Benartex Studio featuring Mountain Pass

"Mystic Valley" by Benartex Studio featuring Bali Water Garden

"My Sweet Love" by Benartex Studio featuring Bali Sweet Love

"Puzzle Box" by Heidi Pridemore featuring Bree by Nancy Halvorsen

"Sunny Afternoon" by Benartex Studio featuring Sunshine Garden by Cheryl Haynes

"Sunswept" by Ann Lauer featuring Here Comes the Sun

"Wonderwall" by Benartex Studio featuring Wonderlust

"Woodland Star" by Benartex Studio featuring Living Lodge

"Duckies" by Cherry Guidry featuring My Little Sunshine

"Folktale" by Amanda Murphy featuring Folk Art Fantasy

"Friendly Dinosaurs" by Heidi Pridemore featuring Dino Age

"Hidden Tulips" by Benartex Studio featuring Owls & Pals

"Meadow Paths" by Amanda Murphy featuring Meadow Dance

"Monster Story" by Heidi Pridemore
featuring Matthew's Mini Monsters by Matthew Pridemore

"Rainbow Taffy" by Christa Watson featuring Modern Marks

"Skating Rink" by Amanda Murphy featuring Winter Games

"Sleight of Hand" by Modern Quilt Studio featuring Dot Crazy

"Summer Porch" by Cherry Guidry featuring Front Porch

"Tranquil" by Amy Friend featuring Improv

"Violette" by Shelley Cavanna featuring Gloaming

"Beautiful Reflection" by Benartex Studio featuring Natural Beauty

"Blue Moon" by Heidi Pridemore featuring Blue Brilliance

"Breath of Fresh Hare" by Benartex Studio featuring Love Bunny

"Coming up Daisies" by Benartex Studio featuring Oops A Daisy

"Daisy Garden" by Benartex Studio featuring Bumble Bumble

"Enchanted Garden" by Tailormade by Design featuring Enchanted

"Fields of Violet" by Benartex Studio featuring Pansy Noir

"Golden Valley" by Stephanie Sheridan featuring Sun Valley

"Have U Any Wool" by Benartex Studio featuring All's Wool that Ends Wool

"Impressive Grid" by Heidi Pridemore featuring Floral Impressions

"Koala Joey" by Benartex Studio featuring Koala Baby

"Little Ray of Sunshine" by Benartex Studio featuring Sunburst

"Made in the USA" by Benartex Studio featuring Love American Style

"North Star" by Benartex Studio featuring Into the Woods 2

"Red White and Beautiful" by Benartex Studio featuring Simply American

"Scotty Dogs" by Tailormade by Design featuring Scottish Charm

"Strokes of Brilliance" by Benartex Studio featuring Blocks of Brilliance

"Sunset Eclipse" by Heidi Pridemore featuring Patio Splash

Voting is now closed. Thanks for voting! Watch for our Sweet Sixteen announcement. 
Remember, you can vote for three quilts to get into the Sweet Sixteen. Vote by quilt name. Don't forget to download the pdfs to make your favorites! 
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